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We are glad to share the expertise that we have developed during 20+ years of providing temporary environment control.

Our underlying purpose is to improve the health chances of site workers and all those affected by site operations. By sharing our insights into effective hazard control in the form of professional training sessions, we know that awareness will spread.

We provide training in the three key areas of site health hazard, but can also provide tailored training in other areas.

CPD Training on Dust Awareness
Dust awareness training


Graphically demonstrating the danger of dust on site and the importance of controlling effectively, this training covers practical advice on how best to control dust in different situations. Delivered by one of our consultants in the form of a visual presentation, full opportunity is given for questions and answers.

CPD Training on Noise Awareness
Noise awareness training


This training on the dangers of excess noise brings home the seriousness of ignoring this significant hazard. Providing accurate statistics on noise levels and typical tasks and activities where noise is an issue, the training also gives practical advice on how best to control noise. Delivered by one of our consultants with Q&A session.

CPD Training on Fume Awareness
Fume awareness training


A clear outline of the different dangers arising from exposure to fumes, this training also provides instruction on how best to control those dangers and protect the health of all those affected. Covering both activity-related fumes and exhaust fumes, the training is delivered by an experienced consultant and adopts a very practical approach.

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