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Ancillaries Equipment
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Transformers & Extension Leads

We can supply all the transformers, extension leads and associated spliters you may need to power RVT Group equipment.

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Ancillary Transformers Extensions
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Various transformers available

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Armoured Extension Leads

Extension leads up to 25m and 415v/32a

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Multiple configurations to meet your needs

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Up To 415v

Product Details

Key Product Features

  • Various transformers available
  • Multiple configurations to meet your needs
  • Armoured extension leads up to 25m and 415v/32a
  • Spider box 110v/32a inlet plug with 4 x 110v/16a outlet sockets
  • Leads include 14m extension 110v/16a or 32a, as well as 240v/13a
  • Many more options available

Key applications

  • Use wherever you need to control and supply electrical power

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