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Our Ravex exhaust control range offers solutions for welding fumes, paint fumes, chemical fumes, fumes from other volatile substances and diesel exhaust fume control.

Exhaust Fume Control FAQ's

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What are DEEEs?

DEEEs stands for Diesel Engine Exhaust Emissions. DEEEs contain a complex mixture of gases, vapours, liquid aerosols and particulate substances, which are the products of combustion. DEEEs are known to cause anything from irritation to the eyes to an increased risk of lung and bladder cancer.

Is there a work exposure limit for DEEEs?

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) gives guidance on how to conduct a suitable risk assessment and determine whether the exposure risk is high, medium or low. Armed with this information, you can then determine the necessary steps to prevent or adequately control exposure to DEEEs. For more information read the HSE’s guidance titled ‘Control of diesel engine exhaust emissions in the workplace’.

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