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Monitex Equipment

Monitex is an easy to use, cloud-based monitoring solution that can send you instant alerts via text or email. RVT offers both personal and environmental monitoring units for noise, dust, gas and vibrations. Plus, RVT are pleased to announce that we are a primary distributor of the Pinssar Diesel Particulate Monitoring Solution (DPM).

Monitoring FAQ's

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What can I monitor using the Monitex range?

The Monitex range includes; dust monitors, noise monitors, gas monitors and vibration monitors.

Why is environmental monitoring important for the construction industry?

Construction activities can generate excessive noise, dust, vibrations etc. which can negatively impact the environment, as well as those living and working nearby. It is therefore important to monitor these things to ensure that the impact is reduced as much as reasonably practicable.

What is the ‘ABC Method’?

BS 5288 is the code of practice for noise and vibration control on construction and open sites. Part 1 provides guidance on noise control and recommends the use of the ‘ABC method’ for determining threshold noise levels. This involves measuring existing ambient noise levels outside the dwellings and categorising them A, B or C, with the relevant threshold level derived from the category. For more information please refer to the full code of practice which is available to purchase on line.

Why is it important to monitor exposure levels?

Work Exposure Limits (WELs) are in place to protect workers from serious long-term health implications. Different substances affect us in different ways, therefore the limits vary from one substance to the next. Whilst continuous over exposure to dust is likely to affect our long-term health (causing COPD and lung cancer), acute over exposure to particularly volatile solvents could be fatal within minutes. By monitoring exposure levels, you can ensure that workers are kept safe both in the short term and long term.

How can I access the RVT cloud based monitoring portal?

To log into the RVT cloud based monitoring portal, click here.