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Ventex® Equipment

Are you looking for industrial or construction site fans? RVT offer a wide range of ventilation equipment, including axial fans, centrifugal fans and mixed-flow fans with airflows of up to 120,000m3/h. Positive pressure can be used to force fresh air deep into enclosed spaces, such as basements, tunnels, pits and shafts via ducting; alternatively negative pressure can be used to extract contaminated air out of a work area. Whether you need high pressure or high volume airflow, RVT can offer a best practice ventilation solution.

How Can You Achieve Effective Ventilation?

There are a variety of ventilation methods and selecting the right one depends on a number of factors. Download our best practice whitepaper to learn more about effective ventilation.

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Ventilation FAQ's

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What is the difference between an axial and a centrifugal fan?

An Axial fan has its motor located in the middle of the fan casing, and the airflow passes around it. A centrifugal fan has its motor located to the side of the fan casing, with a ‘snail’ shaped impeller. Typically a centrifugal fan will provide less airflow but at higher pressure than an axial fan with the same size motor.

Is an axial fan better than a centrifugal fan?

Axial fans are better for moving high volumes of air over short distances, whereas Centrifugal fans are better at maintaining high pressure over long duct runs. Despite a lower flow rate, centrifugal fans create a steadier flow, resulting in a significantly higher static efficiency. Centrifugal fans are also typically quieter than axial fans, and even with attenuators fitted are more compact. The best fan to use therefore depends on the requirements of the project.

What fans are best suited for tunnel ventilation?

For railway tunnels, centrifugal fans are often the preferred option as they can be situated outside the tunnel, ensuring that they do not get in the way or block access for vehicles and machinery. Centrifugal fans also maintain high pressure over long duct runs, so they can deliver clean air deep into long tunnels; however, we have also supplied large, high power axial fans, for several tunnel projects.

What fans are best suited for basement ventilation projects?

Typically, Centrifugal fans are the best fans to use for basement ventilation, because they are quiet, compact and perform well even when using long duct runs or duct runs with multiple bends (as is often required to be the case), however each project is unique and requires a specialist assessment.

How many air changes do we need?

In section 3 of the government guidance titled 'Transmission characteristics and principles of infection prevention and control', Public Health England explain that;

"A single air change is estimated to remove 63% of airborne contaminants, after 5 air changes less than 1% of airborne contamination is thought to remain".

The number of air changes required will depend on the environment you are working in and the activities you are conducting; however in more sensitive environments, Public Health England recommend 6 - 12 air changes.