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Supporting the Healthcare Sector

In a healthcare environment, infection prevention and control is of utmost importance; however this can be put under threat during renovation and construction work. It is therefore imperative that contractors work with the IPC team and follow the Health Building Note for Infection Control in the Built Environment (HBN 00-09).

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Understanding Your Challenges

Invasive aspergillosis can be linked to demolition, excavation, construction and refurbishment works; it is therefore vital to protect patients from exposure to dust, dirt and harmful spores during these activities.

RVT can offer a tailored solution to help you control the migration of contaminants using HEPA filtration and negative pressure systems; we can also offer dust monitors and pressure gauges for added peace of mind.

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How can RVT help you to protect patients?

Construction and renovation work generates an abundance of dust that needs to be captured, contained and controlled. RVT Group can supply the brand-new DustMaster Pro HEPA filtration unit which is designed to capture dust at source whilst putting the room under negative pressure.

Negative pressure will control the direction of airflow and ensure that there is zero dust migration outside of the work zone. RVT can install a differential pressure gauge with a red/ green visual indicator so that you can be confident of zero dust migration.

To contain the work area and ensure that patients are protected from the risk of Aspergillus and other airborne contaminants, RVT can provide containment tents and rigid containment structures, as well as dust monitors for peace of mind.

It is also important to ensure that vulnerable patients are not disturbed by excessive noise, which is why RVT offer specialist noise control and monitoring solutions, reducing noise by up to 39.2dBA.

Keeping Patients Safe During Construction Work

RVT provide specialist equipment, via hire or contract-sale, to control on-site health hazards while maintaining a productive work environment.

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