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Supporting the Marine Sector

The UK has a strong defence sector, continuously working to protect our country, our waters and our people. One of the key defence sectors that RVT has been able to support is the marine sector. It is of utmost importance that the structural integrity of a ship is maintained, and RVT are on hand to provide hazard control solutions each and every time a vessel docks for maintenance. We have also provided dust and fume control during the renovation of leisure yachts.

Understanding Your Challenges

Fibreglass dust, welding fumes and other dangerous airborne substances are often generated during remedial marine repair works. Sealants can also pose a hazard and will need to be dried quickly.

RVT has a long-standing relationship with the UK’s largest naval ship manufacturers and over the years we have developed bespoke hazard control solutions to meet their exacting requirements. We have provided hazard control solutions during hull and plate repairs, propeller repairs, fibreglass repairs, paint spraying and more. Some of the most popular ranges used by our marine customers include; Ravex® fume extraction kits, Dustex® dust control solutions, Climex® indirect oil-fired heaters for drying sealants, and Ventex® temporary ventilation solutions.

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How can we protect marine engineers?


Ensure that hazardous substances, such as fibreglass dust, are extracted and filtered at source


Extract hot and volatile fumes with suitable extraction equipment, and use a specialist filter for welding fumes


Ensure the work area remains well ventilated; force in clean air and purge out contaminated air to maintain good quality air


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What our clients say

Hamble Yacht Services

“The vent box, being sectional, was a great help and as a fully portable system, the fan suited us very well as all the individual parts could be sited and taped into position as best suited our needs”

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On 4th March, the Government released new ventilation guidance. If you are looking for an easy-to-digest version of the guidance, download our ventilation whitepaper.

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