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The UK’s manufacturing and production industries encompass a broad range of areas, from food manufacturing, to the construction of commuter rail lines, energy to waste facilities, and everything inbetween. No matter what segment of the industry you are operating in, it is imperative to protect workers from the dangerous health hazards associated with industrial operations.

Understanding Your Challenges

live. When this happens, you need an effective temporary solution that is of industrial quality but quick to install. The solution must also allow sensitive activities to continue in the facility, whilst protecting both industrial workers and the maintenance team.

RVT Group are renowned for rapid installation and effective solutions and are perhaps best known for; temporary LEV solutions, dust filtration units, fume extraction kits, welding filters, negative/ positive ventilation systems, acoustic barriers, noise monitors, dust monitors and much more.

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How can I protect site operatives and those nearby?


Use a specialist welding filter kit to protect workers from carcinogenic fumes.


Use an effective LEV system to extract dusts, mists, gases, vapour or fumes


Seal off the area and use a negative pressure system to avoid dust and fume migration to sensitive areas


Install Soundex® acoustic barriers to contain noise and reduce disruption to the live site

What our clients say

John Graham Construction Ltd

Site Agent

“RVT group provided an excellent and streamlined service from tender right through to install. The staff were more than helpful and knowledgeable which will have a positive impact on further works with GRAHAM.”


Site Manager

“We have had dust control on site now for 8 months and not had any issues with the performance. We clean/wash the filters every week and the amount of dust removed from the air has improved the health of the all site operatives.”

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