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Supporting the Rail Sector

Every year, there are over 1.7 billion rail journeys made in the UK, thanks to thousands of rail engineers managing and enhancing the UK’s long-established network. Unfortunately, being a rail engineer carries many risks, albeit working on the tracks, in tunnels or even carrying out a station upgrade.

Here at RVT Group, we support rail companies with hazard control solutions, so that engineers remain protected from dust, fumes, gases, noise and other potential health hazards on site.

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Understanding Your Challenges

RVT are certified as a safe and cost-effective provider to the railway industry as verified by our RISQS certification. Over the years we have provided countless ventilation solutions for tunnel projects, such as Box Hill Tunnel, and various fume extraction solutions for thermit welding. We have also provided noise, dust and fume control to protect commuters, local residents and businesses during station upgrades, such as the Waterloo Station upgrade.

RVT can also provide; pile wrap attenuators, dust extraction systems, welding filters, diesel filter kits, noise monitors, dust monitors, gas monitors and DPM monitors.

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How Can We Protect Rail Workers on Site?


RVT provide industrial ventilation solutions that enable you to continuously force fresh air into enclosed spaces such as tunnels and stations during maintenance works.


RVT provide extraction and filtration units which are designed to remove dangerous fumes at source, from activities such as thermit welding.


RVT offer fire resistant Soundex® acoustic barriers to reduce disruption to commuters, local residents and businesses.


NEW! Real-time DPM monitors! RVT offer a wide range of monitors to check and measure noise, vibration, dust, gases and diesel particulate matter.

Keeping Rail Workers Safe

RVT provide specialist equipment, via hire or contract-sale, to control on-site health hazards while maintaining a productive work environment.

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