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Water & Sewage

Supporting the Water and Sewage Sector

Every day, over 50 million premises receive good quality water, sanitation, and drainage services, thanks to the UK’s fantastic framework of utility engineers. Unfortunately, in the line of duty, waterboard and sewage engineers come across a variety of challenges that could pose significant risk to their health.

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Understanding Your Challenges

Enclosed tanks, treatment facilities, sewage pipes, shafts and tunnels, are just a few of the high-risk environments that engineers are working in, and quite often they are exposed to adverse odours, ammonia, chlorine and phosphorous in the atmosphere. RVT have been working with water and sewage companies for several years, providing tailored ventilation and monitoring systems to ensure that good air quality is maintained and that workers are adequately protected throughout the project. RVT can also offer confined space equipment, acoustic barriers, noise monitors, vibration monitors and a wide range of other health hazard control equipment.

Hire Equipment

How can RVT help you to protect site operatives and those nearby?

You must ensure that you maintain good air quality in enclosed spaces such as tunnels, shafts, pits and tanks. RVT can tailor you a bespoke temporary ventilation solution using a range of high airflow Ventex® ventilation fans.

You should continuously monitor risks, such as; noise, vibration, dust and gases. RVT have a wide range of real time monitors available with an easy-to-use cloud based platform.

Some maintenance work can be noisy, it is therefore advisable to install Soundex® acoustic barriers to reduce disruption to the local area.

RVT now offer a wide range of confined space equipment, including tripods, harnesses, winches and head torches to ensure safe access and egress from confined spaces.

Keeping Utility Workers Safe

RVT provide specialist equipment, via hire or contract-sale, to control on-site health hazards while maintaining a productive work environment.

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