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Specialist exhaust fume control equipment and filters

Up to 500,000 workers in the UK are exposed to dangerous levels of diesel smoke each year, which results in 800 new cases of cancer and 650 deaths.

Equipment Range

Capture, Contain, Control.

A proven methodology, devised by the RVT Group, to ensure effective control of all on-site health hazards.


Construction site equipment, such as forklifts, lorries, tractors, generators and compressors, emit dangerous levels of diesel fumes, especially when being used in confined spaces. It is therefore important to capture and filter these fumes at source, whilst continuously forcing fresh air into the work area, to ensure that workers can continue their activities in a safe environment.


Excessive diesel fume exposure can result in anything from dizziness and fatigue, to kidney cancer and even death. Failure to conduct a suitable DEEE’s assessment and/or breach of COSHH regulations, will leave you in hot water with the HSE and may even land you in court.


RVT believe that effective exhaust control can be managed in three easy steps;

  1. Capture the hazard - Apply a specialist exhaust filter kit to every piece of static or mobile diesel machinery to ensure emissions are channeled through a filter before leaving the exhaust.
  2. Contain the hazard - Where possible, minimise the size of the work area, to reduce the number of workers affected by residual emissions.
  3. Control the hazard - Dilute residual gas emissions and prevent heat build-up through ventilation.

Why Ravex® is the original & preferred solution

Legal Compliance

Legal Compliance - Ravex Diesel filter kits enable you to use diesel machinery in enclosed spaces and remain fully compliant with COSHH regulations

Robust and Reliable

Ravex units are durable and reliable, ensuring you don't have any downtime on site

Highly Effective

Our powerful units remove at least 95% of diesel particulate

Exhaust Extraction

Suitable for internal piling operations, and generator and compressor exhaust fume extraction

Diesel Filter Kits

Suitable for most mobile and static diesel plant and machinery

Variety of sizes

Diesel filter solutions available for engines between 30kW and 150kW

Safe working environment

Helping to ensure that you maintain good air quality to keep your workers healthy

Fully Approved

All RVT products are fully approved to European standards and hold third party certification

Trusted By

“This is the first time I have done business with the RVT Group and based on the experience it will not be the last if I need to hire portable dust extraction equipment again.”

Jim Smith Health & Safety Manger - Amey Services Ltd

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