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Protecting long-term health on site

RVT provide specialist noise, dust and fume control via hire or contract-sale, to ensure that site workers go home healthy.

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Over 4,000 companies trust RVT Group for their on site safety

Engineering Controls

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Noise control equipment

Noise at work can lead to serious safety risks for both your workers and the wider public. Excess noise can make warnings harder to hear, interfere with communications and lead to a range of medical conditions.

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Dust control equipment

Dust is one of the main hazards facing on-site workers. The Health and Safety Executive estimates that 4,000 die each year of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) linked to work.

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Fume control euipment

Fumes are harmful solid particles, that can be generated by chemical reactions such as oxidisation and thermal breakdown, and are one of the key health risks facing site workers today.

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Exhaust fume control equipment

Up to 500,000 workers in the UK are exposed to dangerous levels of exhaust fumes each year, which results in 800 new cases of cancer and 650 deaths.

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Ventilation Equipment

Poor air quality puts the health of your workers at risk and can be a particular problem in confined areas. The presence of harmful fumes in the air can have an adverse effect on your long-term health.

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Climate control equipment

From heaters and drying-out equipment, to cooling and condensing solutions; RVT can accommodate all of your temporary climate control requirements.

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Monitoring equipment

RVT offer a range of personal and environmental monitoring equipment; designed to ensure that noise, dust and vibration levels remain within pre-defined limits.

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Ancillary Equipment

RVT offers a complete range of ancillaries, from power generators to replacement filters, providing a convenient single source of supply.

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Discover how we can help you

We understand the challenges that building contractors face and can give you expert advice that will safeguard the health of workers and all those affected by site operations.

Health & Safety Managers

Health and safety is at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to providing you the specialist support required to manage your on-site health hazards.

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Site Managers

We appreciate that you don't necessarily have time to manage the on-site health hazard control requirements that crop up unexpectedly. We therefore offer a reactive service, whereby we evaluate your requirements and arrange for next day delivery to site.

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Procurement Managers

Managing site resources within budget can be a struggle, which is why we conduct a free site survey and provide a no-obligation quote for the most efficient solution, in terms of time, cost and results.

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Looking for Trade Hire?

RVT is proud to be supporting some of the biggest plant hire firms in the UK. We provide you with the specialist hazard control equipment and expertise that you don't necessarily have in-house.

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Who we work with

With over 25 years experience and access to the broadest range of specialist equipment, RVT are perfectly positioned to support a diverse range of sectors and industries.