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Fume extractors, filtration and ventilation.

Fumes are harmful solid particles, that can be generated by chemical reactions such as oxidisation and thermal breakdown, and are one of the key health risks facing site workers today. In this section we also talk about dangerous vapours, such as those from solvents.

Equipment Range

Capture, Contain, Control.

A proven methodology, devised by the RVT Group, to ensure effective control of all on-site health hazards.


Activities such as painting, welding and burning, cause dangerous fumes that can quickly damage your health if not properly controlled. It is important to capture and filter these fumes at source, whilst continuously forcing fresh air into the work area, to ensure that workers can continue their activities in a safe environment.


The effect of fumes varies substantially depending on the exposure time, type of fumes and concentration of fumes. Workers could therefore experience anything from dizziness and fatigue, to lung disease and heart disease. Some of the more volatile fumes, such as welding fumes, have been classified as carcinogenic, which means that they can cause cancer.


RVT believe that effective fume control can be managed in three easy steps;

  1. Capture the hazard - Using appropriate extraction equipment, you need to capture the fumes as close to the source as possible.
  2. Contain the hazard - Contain the area to ensure that harmful fumes, gases and vapours cannot affect those working nearby.
  3. Control the hazard - In addition to extraction, you need to ensure that you have sufficient ventilation in place. This not only dilutes the contaminates in the air, but can also create negative pressure to ensure that the fumes do not migrate to other areas.

Why Ravex® is the original & preferred solution

Legal Compliance

Ravex fume extraction units help to ensure that you remain well within Work Exposure Limits (WEL) limits

Robust and Reliable

Ravex units are durable and reliable, ensuring you don't have any downtime on site

Highly Effective Filtration

A variety of filters available to suit different applications

Welding Fumes

Welding Filters enable you to remain compliant with new HSE guidelines

Volatile fumes

Capable of removing hot and volatile fumes when used in conjunction with our spark guard


Albeit paint fume, welding fume, vapours or other volatile substances, Ravex is the ideal fume control solution


From small welding filter units to full scale fume extraction and ventilation systems

Fully Approved

All RVT products are fully approved to European standards and hold third party certification

Trusted By

“This is the first time I have done business with the RVT Group and based on the experience it will not be the last if I need to hire portable dust extraction equipment again.”

Jim Smith Health & Safety Manger - Amey Services Ltd

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