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Fumes Equipment

RAVEX® Mobile Welding Fume Filter

Universal for all types of welding stations

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Suitable for all types of welding stations

Highly Effective

The extraction arm enables you to capture fumes at source, reducing exposure to workers and helping you to remain compliant with new HSE guidelines

Compact and Mobile

The unit is on casters, making it easy to move from one work station to another

Easy to clean

Cartridge filters can be washed, and pneumatic filters can be cleaned using the compressed air gun

Product Details

The mobile welding fume filter model can be used universally for all types of welding stations. The unit can be equipped with an extraction arm, which comes with a standard 1.5 metres in length enabling fume capture at source. After the air has passed through the filter system the clean exhaust air is returned into the workplace.

The superior 99.9% filtration efficiency of the unit ensures extremely clean working conditions. Besides a rugged plastic housing the fume extractor also features patented technology of a tiltable filter unit, which greatly facilitates disposal of collected dust and fume particles. Filter Cleaning: Standard Cleaning Method (manually) Quick and effective filter cleaning with a hand held compressed air gun. The pleats of the filter must be blasted with compressed air from the inside to the outside, which causes the smoke particles to detach from the filter material and to drop down into the collection area. Waste Disposal by simply tilting the filter housing the dust slides through the opening at the bottom into the sealable dust collection bag, thereby ensuring a dust-free removal of the collected dust.

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Key Product Features

  • Suitable for all welding stations
  • Compact, highly mobile design Increased fume capturing efficiency through new hood design
  • Rugged plastic housing
  • Cleanable cartridge filter of BIA dust classification M
  • Pneumatic filter cleaning manually with compressed air gun
  • Longer extraction arms available up to 5m

Key applications

  • Welding of crash decks
  • On site welding
  • Industry workshop welding
  • Welding on construction steel frameworks

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