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Infrastructure & Civil Engineering

Supporting the Civils and Infrastructure Sector

Protecting site workers from dangerous hazards on site and upholding best practice is a top priority for civil engineers. The diversity of applications that take place on these large-scale infrastructure projects mean it is imperative that effective and appropriate health hazard control solutions are put in place.

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Understanding Your Challenges

Demolition, excavation, construction and refurbishment works can cause excessive noise, dust and fumes that need to be controlled in order to protect workers, as well as nearby residents and businesses. Risks increase further when work is being carried out in enclosed spaces such as top-down construction, basement projects, tunnels, shafts and warehouses.

RVT are able to offer a variety of hazard control solutions including; diesel filter kits, welding filters, carbon filtration units, positive pressure ventilation systems, negative pressure ventilation systems, acoustic barriers, noise monitors, dust monitors, vibration monitors and a variety of tailored LEV solutions.

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How can I protect site operatives and those nearby?

Contain excessive noise with Soundex® noise barriers and enclosures

Control dust and fumes using powerful LEV systems and diesel particulate filters

Install high pressure ventilation systems to remain safe during basement excavation projects

Use Monitex® monitoring equipment to measure, manage and mitigate risks

What our clients say

J B Riney & Co

Operations Manager

“The acoustic curtain product was simple and easy to use. At one stage, the works were taking place directly outside a solicitors’ office, whose occupants voiced complaints about the noise and disruption prior to the curtains being erected. Once the noise control was put in place, the complaints were cut right down. We will certainly use RVT Soundex Curtains again in the future.”


Site Agent

“In dealing with RVT, we have used their services for Dust / Noise suppression. The team at RVT offers comprehensive and flexible solutions to ensure that all personnel are adequately protected. A current testament to the quality of service they supply is the pouring enclosure located at the Fisher Street CRL site; the sound attenuation and protection for the operation is exemplary with this in place.”

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