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Monitoring equipment for dust and noise.

RVT offer a range of personal and environmental monitoring equipment; designed to ensure that noise, dust and vibration levels remain within pre-defined limits.

Equipment Range

Monitor, Manage, Mitigate

A proven methodology, devised by the RVT Group, to ensure effective control of all on-site health hazards.


Machinery such as breakers, pneumatic tools, generators and demolition equipment can easily breach the maximum noise levels defined by the HSE and/ or local councils. Site activities can also generate a lot of dust and vibration, especially when there is demolition work being undertaken. Contractors therefore need to measure noise, dust and vibration levels to ensure that they are not negatively impacting on those living or working nearby


Monitoring noise, dust and vibrations levels is the only way to prove to local authorities that you are remaining within the specified limits. Failure to prove that local authority restrictions/ regulatory requirements are being adhered to, could result in works being stopped until the contractor can prove that they have put adequate control measures in place.


RVT believe that there are three easy steps to achieve effective monitoring;

  1. Monitor - Identify the activities being undertaken and whether noise, dust or vibration could pose a risk to the individual or the wider environment.
  2. Manage - The HSE define maximum exposure limits over 8 hours, therefore handheld spot checks are not always suitable. Implement a continuous monitoring system and receive instant message alerts if pre-set parameters are exceeded.
  3. Mitigate - If readings are outside the upper limits, you need to install adequate control equipment, such as noise barriers or dust extraction units. RVT are always on hand to advise you which hazard control equipment will be most effective.

Why Monitex® is the original & preferred solution

One stop shop

4 types of monitoring; Noise, Dust, Gas and Vibration

Cloud Based

Many of our monitoring systems are cloud based, saving you time and hassle by enabling you to retreive data remotely at any time

Multiple Applications

Ideal for monitoring gases in tunnels, dust levels in senstive areas, noise in residential areas and more.

Accurate Measurements

RVT's Monitex range is highly reliable, providing accurate readings as frequently as every second.

Hand Held

In addition to static units, RVT offer an easy-to-use hand held units for both dust and noise monitoring

Gas Monitoring

RVT's gas monitors will sound a very loud alarm (95dBA) when you are approaching dangerous exposure limits as defined by COSHH regulations

Noise Monitoring

RVT's noise monitors will quickly alert you by email or text, when noise levels reach a dangerous level; usually above 85dB

Fully Approved

All RVT products are fully approved to European standards and hold third party certification

Trusted By

“This is the first time I have done business with the RVT Group and based on the experience it will not be the last if I need to hire portable dust extraction equipment again.”

Jim Smith Health & Safety Manager - Amey Services Ltd

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