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Confined spaces

Confined Space

The Confined Space Regulation 1997 defines a confined space as "any place, including any chamber, tank, vat, silo, pit, trench, pipe, sewer, flue, well or other similar space in which, by virtue of its enclosed nature, there arises a reasonably foreseeable specified risk".

If you are working in such environment, you are required by law to ensure that sufficient measures are put in place to protect the safety of workers.

Equipment Range

Why RVT’s Confined Space Equipment is the original & preferred solution

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One stop shop

RVT's extensive confined space range means you will find everything you need here for your required protective equipment.

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Hazard Control

Our extensive range of equipment will effectively protect against hazards, albeit a fall from a height, noxious gases or poor visibility.

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Visibility Solutions

High quality light output head torches and hand torches for maintenance and inspection jobs, rope access and confined space entry.

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Confined Space Specialists

RVT Group offers a confined space package that can be used to protect the health and safety of workers.

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Our range of confined space equipment performs to the latest European Standards

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Strong and Reliable

Essential for protection against falls, our tripod provides a stable anchorage point for fall arrest and recovery systems.

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Protection from falls from a height

In the event of a fall, raise or lower the user to a safe area with a controlled deceleration force.

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Quick and easy to install

RVT’s equipment is durable and reliable, ensuring you don't have any downtime on site

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