Public Health England explain that “a single air change is estimated to remove 63% of airborne contaminants"

"After 5 air changes, less than 1% of the original airborne contamination is thought to remain” > Read the ventilation guidance

Welding Fume Update 2019

Welding Fume Update 2019

Welding Fume: the health hazards Latest research proves cancer link

Welding is used in many industries. Some welders are skilled professionals who spend most of their working days doing nothing but welding; others are non- specialists for whom welding may be only an occasional task. All site workers and employers, though, need to be aware of the risks that go with welding. These are not just the obvious hazards associated with welding work, such as very high temperatures and electricity, but also the extremely harmful effects of breathing in fume and gases produced during the welding process.

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