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VENTEX® Centrifugal Fan 400S-HP

The VENTEX® Centrifugal Fan 400S - HP is a very high-pressure centrifugal fan, designed to provide airflow through very long or very small diameter ducting.

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Robust and Reliable

A reliable solution for Hot fumes, fFlammable gasses and other volatile fume extraction

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Powerful and Effective

Designed to move up to 15,500m³ /hr airflow

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Highly Efficient

Centrifugal fans are traditionally more efficient than axial fans; creating higher pressure and a steadier airflow

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Multiple Applications

Designed to suit a range of different ducting diameters

Product Details

The fan is extremely high-pressured, making it ideal for forced ventilation or extraction from narrow-bore tunnels and other highly restricted environments.

Key Product Features

  • 15,500m³ /hr airflow
  • Extremely high-pressure performance
  • 415v 32a

Key applications

  • Forced ventilation or extraction
  • Narrow tunnel and hard to access area ventilation
  • Suits a range of different ducting diameters

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