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VENTEX® Centrifugal Fan 600S

The VENTEX® Centrifugal Fan 600S is particularly suited to extracting any hot fumes or paint fumes due to the motor design and where long duct runs are required to remove the fumes to atmosphere.

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Ventex CF fan 600 S
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Ideal For Hot Works

A reliable solution for Hot fumes, Paint and other volatile fume extraction

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Highly Efficient

Centrifugal fans are traditionally more efficient than axial fans; creating higher pressure and a steadier airflow

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Powerful and Effective

Designed to move up to 34200 m3/ hr free air, making it ideal for large scale applications

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Multiple Applications

Ideal for confined spaces, such as basements and tunnels

Product Details

The 600S is a powerful Centrifugal fan, designed to provide very high airflow through long duct runs.
This makes it ideal for forced ventilation or extraction from very inaccessible areas such as deep shafts, long tunnels and large basements.

The centrifugal design means the airflow does not pass over the motor, making it suitable for hot, flammable or abrasive applications.
It is designed to suit 600mm outlet ducting, although it can be modified to suit alternative ducting sizes as required.

Key Product Features

  • Mobile and powerful
  • 34,200 m3 /hr airflow
  • 415v 32a
  • Used with dust and fume filtration Ideal for high volume ventilation and extraction
  • Suitable for ducting

Key applications

  • Basement ventilation
  • Portable ventilation
  • This fan can be used to extract dust, toxic fumes and toxic gasses

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