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Monitoring Equipment

MONITEX Temperature and Humidity Monitor

The brand new TRH Monitor is a fantastic product that can be used as a stand-alone unit, or it can be used alongside the new Wireless Remote Thermostat.

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Cloud Based

No need to install software, the platform is completely web-based

Automatic Readings

The monitor takes measurements every 5 minutes

Accurate Record Keeping

Continuous logging for 10 years on internal memory

Measure Temperature and Humidity

Monitor temperature and relative humidity levels

Product Details

The TRH unit, housed in a robust casing, will continuously monitor temperature and relative humidity and the store data on a cloud-based platform which can be accessed remotely from any PC, tablet or smart phone. Using this data, you can then decide when is the right time to install a temporary heating solution, or if you already have a heater on site, you can decide whether you need to adjust the thermostat.

Having this control in the palm of your hands, means that your drying-out programme will remain efficient and effective for the duration of the project. It also enables you to keep your project on track and within budget.

What is a temperature & humidity monitor and what is the benefit to using one?

The temperature and humidity monitor is a monitor that affixes to an upright stand and can measure the temperature and humidity of the environment it is in.
This data can be stored and viewed remotely on our online monitoring platform giving ease and peace of mind to the hirer. It minimises the effort of having to go into the area with a hand-held device to measure this. Also this monitor can send alerts to the user when the parameters have been breached.

Key Product Features

  • Receive an alert if the temperature and humidity deviate outside your pre-defined parameters
  • Continuous logging for 10 years on internal memory
  • It has its own local Wi-Fi connection
  • The monitor takes measurements every 5 minutes

Key applications

  • Anywhere on site where temperature and humidity levels need to be monitored.

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