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Supporting Utility Companies

The utilities sector covers a huge variety of projects, ranging from street level maintenance to working deep underground in tunnels and shafts. Whatever the project, utility engineers will be at risk from dangerous health hazards, such as noise, dust, fumes and gases. Utility companies must also make sure to protect local residents and businesses from these hazards and to avoid backlash from local authorities.

Understanding Your Challenges

RVT have a wealth of experience supporting gas, water, electric and other energy companies. We have supported many projects that involve street works, particularly in central London, where we have provided noise barriers, dust control, exhaust fume control and monitoring equipment. RVT have also worked in gas tunnels, water treatment facilities, waste-to-energy plants and other high-risk areas that require specialist ventilation and monitoring equipment to keep utility engineers safe during maintenance work.

Click here to learn more about how we support the water industry, or scroll down to understand how we supported the Battersea Gas Tunnel project with Ventex® Ventilation solutions.

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How can I protect site operatives and those nearby?


Install acoustic barriers and noise monitors to reduce disruption to the local areas


Install a high airflow ventilation system that will maintain good quality air in the work area


Continuously monitor hazard levels with noise, vibration, dust and gas monitors


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What our clients say


Project Manager

“We went to RVT because we needed to ensure adequate ventilation in the deep shafts during tunnel construction. They came up with a cost-effective solution and were proactive and responsive throughout the project. The Ventex ventilation equipment they provided was compact, efficient and compliant with Health & Safety requirements.”


Project Manager

“The Shieldhall Tunnel project has been designed to have the least amount of impact on homes and businesses but when you are delivering a 5km tunnel under Scotland’s largest city, it is difficult to not have any impacts. We utilised the RVT barriers/ blankets to reduce any noise from that conveyor. The blankets did their job and reduced the audible impacts, so they can’t be faulted. I have no complaints – we received good advice and had no real issues.”

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