Case Study Overview

As part of a £1 billion programme to upgrade London’s ageing gas distribution infrastructure, a new tunnel has been constructed under the Thames. Two 30-metre shafts were sunk to facilitate the tunnelling phase


During phase one of the project, an efficient and cost-effective method of ventilation was required for the 30-metre-deep shaft, in order to maintain a regular temperature and ensure conditions were suitable for operatives while tunnelling materials and equipment were installed.


RVT installed the VENTEX FA450CF centrifugal fan, a powerful fan that is particularly suited to providing large airflows for the ventilation of tunnels and large top-down basement projects. It delivered an impressive 20,500 m3 per hour of free air through ducting running to the base of the shafts, creating a safe environment for the workers there who were installing the automated Tunnel Boring Machine that would be used to tunnel under the Thames.





Products Used