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SOUNDEX® Generator Enclosure

This Quick-Tech® Enclosure has been specifically designed to attenuate the low-frequency noise associated with generators and includes an access door for maintenance and refuelling.

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Soundex Generator Enclosure
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Superior noise reduction

Reducing Generator noise by up to 59.9 dB

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Easy access for maintenance and refuelling

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Quick and easy to install

Ensuring valuable time on site is not wasted

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Ideal for reducing noise from any low-frequency construction equipment

Product Details

It’s clip-together aluminium framework is easy to assemble and once unassembled the entire module can be transported around on two standard pallets.

Key Product Features

  • PLF-Tech® low frequency technology
  • Up to 59.9 dB reduction in noise
  • Industrial robust aluminium construction
  • Fully printed personalisation available

Key applications

  • Enclosing generators
  • Containing noisy site operations

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