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Noise Equipment

SOUNDEX® Generator Exhaust Attenuator

This high performance unit provides effective noise attenuation for generator exhausts and is easily applied.

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High Performance Unit

Ideal for generator exhausts


Withstands extreme exhaust temperatures


Can be used for enclosing smaller items of plant


Side access for refuelling

Product Details

This high performance unit provides effective noise attenuation for generator exhausts and is easily applied. Whilst modern generators have dramatically reduced engine noise, the exhaust remains an area that is difficult to attenuate. Designed for this specific purpose, the Exhaust Attenuator’s heavy duty construction endures exposed locations. Manufactured from high-grade materials, it can withstand extreme exhaust temperatures whilst being sufficiently ventilated to ensure that there is no reduction in engine efficiencies.

Excellent Noise Reduction

When tested by a third party certification body, they confirmed that this product provides a substantial noise reduction. The original sound of an unscreened Honda E6500 Portable Generator was 90.8dB, but when tested with the Soundex Generator Exhaust Attenuator, the exhaust noise was reduced to 79.9dB at a distance of 1m and 53.2dB at a distance of 20m. This demonstrates a noise reduction of 10.9dB and 37.6dB respectively.

In addition to the Generator Exhaust Attenuator, we also offer a Full Generator Enclosure to enclosure the whole unit.

Key Product Features

  • Incorporating PLF-Tech® acoustic technology, this unit can reduce noise by up to 37.6dB
  • Excellent noise absorption
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Side access for refuelling etc.
  • Ideal for enclosing a generator exhaust, but can also be used for completely enclosing smaller items of plant such as compressors
  • The Exhaust attenuator can be teamed with our Full size Soundex Generator Enclosure

Key applications

  • Street works
  • Public events
  • Site works
  • Rail maintenance

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