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Supporting the Retail Sector

Supermarkets and retail chains are continuously building and refurbishing new stores, whilst local councils are also investing in high street regeneration to suit evolving consumer needs. As many of these facilities remain partially open during works, construction and fit out companies must protect shoppers, site operatives, local residents and businesses from noise, dust and fumes.

Understanding Your Challenges

With works often being carried out in live shopping centres, noise, dust and fumes can threaten the health of shoppers, site operatives and those nearby if not adequately controlled. Not all retail sites are live though, increasingly we are supporting with exhaust fume control and ventilation during the construction of regional distribution centres and warehouses for online shopping E-tailers.

RVT offer a wide range of health hazard control equipment including; dust extraction and filtration systems, fume extraction kits, diesel filter kits, ventilation solutions, noise barriers, acoustic enclosures, noise monitors, dust monitors, vibration monitors and a variety of tailored LEV solutions.

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How can I protect construction workers and shoppers?


Install a negative pressure LEV system to capture and contain dust and fumes


Ensure the work area is completely sealed so that dust and fumes cannot migrate


Use acoustic barriers and enclosures to reduce disruption to retail outlet and the local area


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What our clients say

Radius Shopfitters

Site Manager

“RVT had exactly what we needed. Without the RVT Fume Extraction Kit, the concrete pump could not be used as it would’ve generated exhaust fumes. The job was done efficiently and cost-effectively with the help of RVT.”

Vinci Construction UK Ltd

Senior Construction Manager

“We have found that the Soundex® quilts provide a significant noise reduction at source. Complaints from local residents have dropped locally so the product seems to be working well as a noise reduction solution.”

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