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Supporting the Education Sector

The education sector is constantly working to develop settings that encompass the needs of all pupils and staff. Albeit a new school, a new block, student accommodation, college or university upgrades, or the refurbishment of another existing setting, it is imperative that site operatives, pupils, staff and local residents are all protected from health hazards during these works.

Understanding Your Challenges

With works often taking place in busy educational environments, it is imperative to control hazards such as dust and fumes. It is also vital that pupils and staff can continue classes with minimal disruption from noise and odours.

RVT are happy to work with both the school and the contractor to understand the task in hand and to recommend a suitable hazard control solution that will not only protect everyone on site, but will also ensure the project remains on budget. We can offer highly effective acoustic barriers and enclosures that minimise disruption by capturing noise at source. We also offer; dust filtration systems, fume extraction kits, ventilation solutions, noise monitors, dust monitors and vibration monitors.

Hire Equipment
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How can I protect pupils, teachers, residents and site workers?


Install Soundex® acoustic barriers to reduce disruption to pupils and staff


Extract and filter airborne dust with Dustex® HEPA filter units


Keep your project on schedule with Climex® heaters to dry out plaster, paint and screed


Install Monitex® noise, dust and vibration monitors to measure and manage hazards effectively

What our clients say

Morgan Sindall

Site Supervisor

“RVT were great to work with and quickly supplied a Soundex Cutting Enclosure to serve the landscaping works. It was easy to set up and easy to work within too. Crucially, the enclosure reduced the noise levels significantly, which meant that the students and teaching staff were not disturbed.”

Interserve Construction

Site Supervisor

“We sought an appropriate product through RVT who offered concise information in relation to available products and provided options and advice associated with the cost effectiveness of either hire or purchase. Without the use of the acoustic panels, we would have been unable to carry out the works safely”

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