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DUSTEX® Wandafilta

Portable and powerful extraction and filtration kit, enabling filtered negative pressures to be achieved.

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Dustex Wanda Filta
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Extration and Filtration

Extracting dust at source and capturing the particles in our high quality filteration system

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Highly Effective

This powerful unit moves 3000m3/hr of free air, ensuring that the air quality always remains at a safe level

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Enabling you to quickly and easily move the unit around site as required

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Cost effective

Our unique washable filters help to save you money

Product Details

The innovative Dustex WandaFilta is designed to be connected to an axial or centrifugal fan to capture and filter dust from a wide range of tasks and applications found on construction sites. Cost effective - the easily removable, grade EU4 washable filter saves you the cost of having to replace filters. The unit comes complete with a carry handle for ease of mobility and has a detachable front face to enable filters to be cleaned, checked and/or changed when necessary.

Key Product Features

  • Powerful fan moving 3000m3/hr
  • Portable filter with washable filters
  • Dust capture hood options
  • Lightweight/easy to manhandle

Key applications

  • Office refurbishments
  • Hospital refurbishments
  • General demolition

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