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Your Quick Guide to Noise Control

We have a responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment in which we work, and it is important to be considerate of residents living nearby, shops, restaurants, offices, schools and even areas of natural beauty.

Managing noise on site can be a challenge; you have a variety of machinery creating different volumes and frequencies, and they all need to be managed effectively. Noise from construction sites is controlled by the Control of Noise Regulations 2005. The regulations state that environmental noise from construction sites and other commercial premises comes under the Control of Pollution Act 1974, and construction companies and contractors are required to take all reasonable steps to control noise. This guide covers:

  • - The science behind noise control (reflection and adsorption)
  • - Breaking the line of sight and The Shadow Effect
  • - What types of Acoustic Solutions are available
  • - Environmental Noise Barriers for modest noise reduction
  • - Premiuim Noise Barriers to protect those living and working nearby
  • - High performance acoustic barriers for maximum effectiveness
  • - Examples of our effective Soundex® solutions and how RVT can help you
  • - The importance of acoustic monitoring and our Monitex solutions

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