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Ventilation and the Spread of Covid-19

Why effective ventilation is vital to the Covid-19 risk mitigation strategy.

As global research into the spread of Covid-19 continues, there is mounting evidence to suggest that airborne aerosols are a key transmission route of the virus. Therefore, The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) has produced their EMG S0789, S0973 and S0867 documents for government review, which highlight the importance of effective ventilation in all multi-occupant public buildings and workplaces. From these documents, the government is urging the nation to ‘increase ventilation’, but what does this mean in practice?

This whitepaper covers the following key take aways of this guidance;

  • Air re-circulation and how to avoid it
  • How to introduce as much fresh air as possible
  • How low levels of ventilation are strongly associated with transmission of infectious diseases, as "ventilation rates below 10 l/s per person in all building types [are] associated with statistically significant worsening in one or more health or perceived air quality outcomes’’
  • Measuring CO2 as a guide to air quality

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Please note that this is RVT Group's best interpretation of the guidance currently published. If you have any queries then please study the source documents directly and monitor official guidance on a regular basis to ensure you are informed of any new publications. To the best of our knowledge, the information in this document is correct and up-to-date as of 16th February 2021.

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