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Understanding Health Building Note HBN 00-09

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This guide has been specially created for construction, renovation and maintenance workers who are operating within the healthcare sector and are looking for a simplified explanation of the Health Building Note 00-09 (HBN 00-09). This guide pays particular attention to dust control and how it can be controlled during building works. RVT Group have produced this document for guidance only and it should not be considered a substitute for HBN 00-09.

What is HBN 00-09?

The Health Building Note highlights the major infection prevention & control (IPC) risks associated with building works in a healthcare environment, and explains how you can properly assess and manage that risk in order to keep patients safe. Patients who are immunocompromised are at an increased risk of infection by fungi, bacteria and viruses. During demolition, construction, maintenance and refurbishment works, the concentration of airborne contaminants significantly increases and becomes an infection risk. Building materials such as plasterboard, cement and plaster produce hazardous dusts that can become airborne and trigger lung diseases such as Asthma.

RVT's simplified guide helps you to develop and implement an essential contamination-control programme which will capture, contain and control dust particles, and eliminate the risk of infection.

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