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Noise from Site Equipment: The Challenges and The Solutions

This whitepaper looks specifically at noise from site equipment; the challenges it creates and the solutions you can use to control it

Different equipment on site presents very specific challenges when it comes to shielding both site workers and nearby residents from the noise generated. This whitepaper examines the challenges created by hazardous noise on site and how it can be controlled for the safety of those on site and near by. Included in this whitepaper are:

  • - dB Ratings of different site equipment
  • - Information on the Noise Regulations of 2005
  • - The latest HSE hearing statistics
  • - Different noise-generating on site scenarios and examples of how these can be controlled.
  • - A range on noise control solutions.
  • - Helpful resource links, including to an audio/visual demonstration of work-related deafness produced by the HSE.

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