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Best Practice Whitepaper: A Guide to Effective Heating & Drying-out

As temperatures plummet, it's a big challenge to keep a complex building site heated.

It’s a big challenge to keep a complex building site heated. Some heating systems are ineffective, some are unsafe or unreliable, and others prohibitively expensive. If adequate solutions aren’t found, productivity can slump, work already undertaken can degrade, and work could grind to a halt.

We have created this best practice guide to help answer some of the following questions;

  • Why is on-site heating important?
  • How does heating affect staff welfare?
  • What is the difference between heating and drying out?
  • What heaters are best for drying out buildings?
  • Should I use gas heaters, electric heaters or oil heaters?
  • What temporary heating products are available?
  • What temporary heaters are the most energy efficient?
  • How do I achieve effective drying out?
  • What is the "Effective Drying Triangle"?

    Download this best practice guide to answer all of the above questions and reduce expenditure on temporary heating, whilst keeping your project firmly on track!

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