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Best Practice Whitepaper: A Guide to Confined Space

Best practice advice on how to work safely in a confined space.

The risks associated with working in a confined space are plentiful, and sadly, there are a number of people killed or seriously injured at work in confined spaces each year in the UK; however with the correct planning, training and equipment workers can stay safe and healthy while operating in these high risk environments.

This whitepaper breaks down the process of assessing the risks of a confined space into easy to follow stages, providing you with comprehensive advice on how to effectively and proactively assess your site environment before and during works.

For example, before commencing work, things to consider may include;

  • How big is the work area?
  • Will you be using any machinery or equipment?
  • Does the activity create any hazards? Dust, fumes, heat or gases?
  • How many people will be involved?
  • How long will you be in there?
  • What are the routes of access?
  • How far away is the fresh air source?

Alongside this advice, our experts also guide you through the law around working in confined spaces, the serious dangers of working in the environment and safety solutions to keep everyone safe. With these detailed and straightforward instructions, you will be confident in knowing that you are meeting the necessary requirements to keep your workers safe.

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