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VENTEX® Jet Fan 600M

Ideal for providing cooling to congregational areas and within tunnels and station platforms.

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Ventex Jet Fan 600 M
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36mtr air throw and a coverage of 290m2

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Lightweight and Mobile

It can easily be moved from one place to another when required

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Ideal for providing cooling to congregational areas within tunnels and station platforms

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Legal Compliance

Provides ventilation for confined spaces, in line with regulation 94/9/EG, II 3D T4 IP54

Product Details

It is both lightweight and highly mobile, and has an air-throw reach of 36 metres, making cooling any crowd developing in compact environments a breeze.

Key Product Features

  • Lightweight & mobile
  • 16,000m³ /hr airflow

Key applications

  • Paint exhaust fume extraction
  • Ventilation of confined spaces regulation 94/9/EG, II 3D T4 IP54)

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