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SOUNDEX® Multi Barrier

These acoustic barriers are designed specifically to fit the standard plastic 2.0m traffic barriers used extensively in construction and civil engineering works.

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Soundex Multi Barrier
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Superior noise reduction

Up to 32.3 dB

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The Perfect Size

Specifically designed to fit a standard plastic 2.0m traffic barrier

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Quick and easy to install

Ensuring valuable time on site is not wasted

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Seamless velcro connection

For optimum sound attenuation

Product Details

Quickly installed via the strategically positioned eyelets, the unique Velcro edge fastening creates a virtually unbroken noise shield. Once removed the barriers fold down to fit onto a pallet for efficient transportation.

Key Product Features

  • Up to 32.3dB reduction in noise
  • Tested and certified to BS EN ISO 717-1 : 1997; BS EN ISO 345 : 2003; EN ISO 11654 : 1997
  • Quick erection and easily transportable
  • Fire resistant
  • Non-irritant acoustic material with no glass- fibre content
  • Velcro connections to ensure optimum acoustic performance
  • Water Resistant

Key applications

  • Ideal for creating temporary enclosures around compressors and generators
  • Emergency utility repair works
  • Pavement repair works
  • Maintenance and repair of Street Works

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