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Noise Equipment

SOUNDEX® Curtain - Pyro Tech

This highly specialist acoustic curtain was developed in conjunction with the London Underground to the extremely stringent BS6853:1999 fire standard.

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Superior Noise Reduction

Up to 32.5 dB

Fire Resistant

Certified to fire regulation BS 6853

Ideal for Railways and Subsurface Environments

Designed in conjunction with London Underground

Lightweight and Easy to Install

Ensuring time on site is not unecessarily wasted

Product Details

It is the only Class 0 fire rated acoustic barrier currently available which is fully certified for use within the London Underground and other sub-surface environments. It boasts excellent attenuation and noise absorption properties and is easily installed by utilising the conventional eyelets for suspension.

Key Product Features

  • Class 0 fire resistance to BS6853:1999
  • Up to 32.5 dB reduction in noise
  • Excellent noise absorption
  • Lightweight - 5.0kg
  • Easy palletised transportation
  • Fully printed personalisation available
  • Key applications

Key applications

  • Sub-surface environments
  • Underground transport locations, specifically London Underground
  • Internal refurbishments to help prevent noise transmission into live areas

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