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Noise Equipment
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SOUNDEX® Curtain - PLF Tech

The PLF Tech curtain represents the best temporary acoustic curtain currently available.

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Soundex Curtain PLF Tech
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Best Sound Attenuation Available

Providing up 35.6 dB noise reduction

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Perfect for Sensitive Environments

Recommended for use in hospitals and care facilities

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Ideal for backlining walls at live music events or under other extreme noise conditions

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Waterproof and fire resistant

Product Details

With BS EN attenuation rating of 35.6 dB and an absorption coefficient of 1.0, the PLF Tech Curtain is recommended for use in the most extreme of noise sensitive environments including hospitals, laboratories and government offices, where disturbance must be minimised.

Once sealed off with PLF Tech Curtains, normal activities can continue as normal. Easily installed with eyelets for suspension and unique Velcro fastening foran unbroken barrier.

Key Product Features

  • Up to 35.6 dB reduction in noise
  • Tested and certified to BS EN ISO 717-1 : 1997; BS EN ISO 345 : 2003; EN ISO 11654 : 1997
  • Quick erection and easily transportable Fire resistant
  • Non-irritant acoustic material with no glass-fibre content
  • Velcro connections to ensure optimum acoustic performance
  • Weatherproof
  • Certified to be hung from scaffolding BS57955

Key applications

  • Highly sensitive environments
  • Lining internal party walls and hoarding
  • Suspended off fencing surrounding generators

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