Public Health England explain that “a single air change is estimated to remove 63% of airborne contaminants"

"After 5 air changes, less than 1% of the original airborne contamination is thought to remain” > Read the ventilation guidance

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SOUNDEX® Curtain H2O-Tech

The H20-Tech® acoustic curtain was developed to offer the highest levels of waterproof technology combined with anti-bacterial properties, making it suitable for use in areas of very high humidity such as marine environments.

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Soundex Curtain H20 Tech
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Superior Noise Reduction

Superior noise reduction - Up to 32.3 dB

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Highest levels of waterproof technology

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Fire Resistant

Conforms to the requirements of BS 476 Part 12

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Anti-Bacterial Properties

Making it ideal for use in humid areas

Product Details

Boasting an excellent attenuation-to-weight ratio, it provides rapid assembly with unique Velcro fastening and eyelets to enable suspension. The fold-and-lay-flat design enables easy storage and transportation without damage to the core.

Key Product Features

  • Up to 32.3 dB reduction in noise
  • Tested and certified to BS EN ISO 717-1 : 1997; BS EN ISO 345 : 2003; EN ISO 11654 : 1997
  • Quick erection and easily transportable Fire resistant
  • Non-irritant acoustic material with no glass-fibre content
  • Velcro connections to ensure optimum acoustic performance
  • Weatherproof
  • Certified to be hung from scaffolding BS57955

Key applications

  • Highly sensitive environments
  • Lining internal party walls and hoarding
  • Suspended off fencing surrounding generators

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