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Pinssar Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) Monitor

This monitor is designed to measure diesel particles smaller than 0.8 micron or 800 nanometres (nm) in real time, making it ideal for measuring DPM levels in tunnels, in line with the updated BS 6164 guidance.

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Measure DPM levels in line with the updated BS 6164 guidance

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Real Time Reporting

A real time visual display of samples taken

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Reader Map

Records the location of each Pinssar DPR monitor

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The Pinssar DPR unit is a ruggedised and fixed monitor

Product Details

This reliable and ultra-low maintenance solution delivers consistent insights to enable you to manage your diesel emissions in underground environments and confined spaces.

Pinssar's diesel emissions monitoring solution comprises Pinssar DPR fixed monitoring units and a reporting console, the Pinssar Dashboard. This practical solution allows for data to be sent to any control system or ventilation simulation software.

RVT Group are pleased to announce that we are now a primary distribution partner for Pinssar’s DPM monitoring solution in the UK. This solution will be available to customers via contract-sale or hire agreement.

This unit is ideal for monitoring airborne diesel particulate matter in tunnels, as per BS 6164.

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Availability: Please note, these units are imported to order and therefore have a longer lead time. Please ensure that you engage with us early to ensure that kit can be delivered to site in line with your project requirements. Please complete the enquiry form if you have a project that you would like to discuss.

Key Product Features

  • Measure diesel emissions in real-time
  • Concentration range - 0 to 2,500 µg/m3
  • Self-cleaning - the optical cell is flushed with filtered air after each sample is taken
  • Preset to 5 minute intervals between samples. Range from 2 minutes to several hours
  • This monitor comes with a 2GB CF card for data storage
  • Minimise the threat of site or project shutdowns due to exceedances
  • Address the requirements of BS:6164

Key applications

  • Confined spaces
  • Underground environments

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