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RAVEX® Portable Welding Fume Filter MF

Universal for all types of welding stations

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Suitable for all types of welding stations

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Highly Effective

The extraction arm enables you to capture fumes at source, reducing exposure to workers and helping you to remain compliant with new HSE guidelines

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Compact and Mobile

The unit is on casters, making it easy to move from one work station to another

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Easy to clean

Cartridge filters can be washed, and pneumatic filters can be cleaned using the compressed air gun

Product Details

The Ravex Portable Welding Filter MF is a light-weight, high-volume and high-pressure fume extraction system, designed to capture and filter particulate from welding fumes.

Intended for light duty welding applications, the quiet operation and portability of the unit makes it an ideal solution when working in confined and hard to reach spaces on site.

The unit comes with a 2.5m intake hose, allowing the filter case to be sat well out of the way of the welding activity

A magnetic stand on the capture hood enables this to be positioned close to the weld to ensure the best capture effect

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Key Product Features

  • Portable and lightweight
  • 230m³ /hr airflow (variable)
  • 110v 16a
  • Remain compliant with HSE Guidance

Key applications

  • Light welding fumes

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