Public Health England explain that “a single air change is estimated to remove 63% of airborne contaminants"

"After 5 air changes, less than 1% of the original airborne contamination is thought to remain” > Read the ventilation guidance

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RAVEX® Fume Extraction Kit

Designed to capture and safely extract all types of fumes and gases, such as those resulting from spraying or painting activities.

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Fume extraction kit
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Different kit set ups available for varying applications

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Highly Effective

The capture hood allows you to capture fumes at source, reducing exposure to workers and helping you to remain compliant with new HSE guidelines

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Safety First

Spark arrestors can be fitted to the capture hood if required

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Can be used to filter all types of fumes and gases

Product Details

The Ravex Fume Extraction Kit is designed to be able to capture and safely extract all types of fumes and gases, such as those resulting from spraying or painting activities.

The hood should be positioned as close to the activity as possible, enabling the powerful centrifugal fan to extract fumes and vent them straight to atmosphere via outlet ducting. The Ravex Fume Extraction Kit features a heavy-duty steel centrifugal fan, which means that the airflow does not pass over the motor, making it safe for use with hot, flammable, abrasive and volatile fumes. However, when dealing with flammable volatile fumes, the fan itself should be located outside of the immediate work area. Spark arrestors can also be fitted to the capture hood if required. Where paint or aerosols are being extracted and there is the risk of overspray contaminating the inside of the extraction equipment, a prefilter should be used.

Generally, this kit will include; a hood, intake ducting, a 300mm Centrifugal Fan and outlet ducting. A spark guard is available as an optional extra. All applications are different, therefore we may recommend an alternative set up (for example with a 450mm fan). Please note, this fume extraction kit is designed to extract fumes at source and vent straight to atmosphere, however if there is not a safe place to vent the fumes, a Ravex filtration kit will be required instead.

Key Product Features

  • Flexible centrifugal extraction system.
  • Extract fumes up to 90m.
  • Manage hot, flammable and abrasive fumes.
  • 110v 32a or 415v 32a.

Key applications

  • Abrasive fumes
  • Flammable fumes
  • Toxic fumes
  • Flammable gasses and solvents Toxic gasses
  • Hot works

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