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RAVEX® Burning Fume Filtration Kit

Designed to capture gases, smoke and fumes created from metal burning work, and filter out the smoke particles.

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Captures gases, smoke and fumes created from metal burning work, and filters out the smoke particles.

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Highly Effective

The capture hood allows you to capture fumes at source, reducing exposure to workers and helping you to remain compliant with new HSE guidelines

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Durable and Powerful

Strong and magnetic capture hood available.

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Different kit set ups available for varying applications

Product Details

The Ravex burning fume filtration kit is designed to capture gases, smoke and fumes created from metal burning work, and filter out the smoke particles.

Smoke and fumes are captured by placing the capture hood close to and slightly above the burning work. A spark arrestor is incorporated to prevent sparks from being drawn into the system. The fumes are forced through a Wandafilta Plus with HEPA filtration, to filter out the particles. The heavy-duty steel centrifugal fan ensures that the airflow does not pass over the motor, making it safe for use with hot, flammable or abrasive fumes.

Generally, the Ravex Burning Fume Filtration Kit will be supplied with; a spark guard, capture hood, ducting, 300mm Centrifugal Fan, WandaFilta Plus, EU4 filter and HEPA filter. However, every application is different and we may recommend a slightly different set up. For example, you may not require the filtration unit if there is the ability to vent straight to atmosphere. We can also supply optional extras, such as a strong magnetic capture hood, which would allow it to be suspended from steel beams.

Due to the gases created in the burning process and the reaction, the system should be positioned venting out to fresh air rather than within the work are. The filters will gradually block up as they filter particles; extensive burning can block the HEPA filter (reducing the airflow) and this will then need to be changed.

Key Product Features

  • Flexible high-temperature extraction system.
  • Magnetic capture hoods available.
  • 110v 32a.

Key applications

  • Metal burning
  • Cutting Welding fumes

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