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Dust Equipment
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DUSTEX® Pop-up Tent

A compact, very quick to erect single component tent that can be used for multiple application.

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Dustex Pop up tent
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Ideal for containing dust or for trapping localised heating

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One Man Assembly

Quick and easy for one person to install

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This 3m x 3m unit gives you enough space to work comfortably

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Easy to fold away and/ or move around site

Product Details

The Dustex Pop-Up Tent is an easy-to-erect enclosure, which can be set up quickly and easily. It can be used to contain dust in a variety of situations.

Key Product Features

  • Modular
  • One man operation

Key applications

  • Replacement of floor tiles in large internal areas i.e.; shopping malls, stations and airports
  • Dust containment during localised cement mixing operations
  • Heat traps for localised heating
  • Flame retardant material

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DUSTEX® Pop-up Tent Photos

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