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Dust Equipment
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DUSTEX® Hydramist 40GT

Hydramist 40GT is a «all-in-one solution» since it equips a 7500 dust control unit joined to a 2000 litres stainless steel water tank and to a 20 kW power generator. A completely independent machine usable in every kind of circumstance, even in remote areas.

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Dustex Hydra Mist 40 GT
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Controls airbourne dust

Designed to protect the health of those nearby and to prevent damage to local property and the environment

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The integrated tanks holds 2000L of water; which can reach a height of up to 17m and distances of up to 40m

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Ideal for Big Projects

The mist covers and area of up to 4600m2.

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This 'all-in-one' solution is perfect for a variety of applications, including remote locations

Product Details

The powerful cannon can spray a mist of water particles over an area of up to 4,600m2 at distances of up to 40 metres. The on-board water tank has a generous 2000 litre capacity to allow up to 85 minutes use on one tank.

Key Product Features

  • All-in-one unit containing water droplet cannon, water tank and generator
  • 20kW three-phase generator
  • 2000l water tank
  • Up to 85 minutes use per tankful of water
  • Dimensions inc towbar and wheels: 450 x 225 x 264cm
  • Dry weight: 2700kg

Key applications

  • Suppressing dust over wide areas outdoors
  • Self-contained solution allows deployment where other units can't get to

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