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DUSTEX® DustMaster Pro

The DustMaster® Pro is the ultimate dust control solution; a self-contained mobile dust extraction unit designed to capture and filter dust from a wide range of applications.

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High Airflow

Extract and filter dust using a negative pressure airflow

Filtration Monitoring

An audible alarm will sound when filters are in need of changing

HEPA Filtration

Includes 3 stages of filtration including HEPA; making it ideal for protecting against silica dust and aspergillus spores

Zero Dust Migration

The unit is 100% sealed to ensure there is zero unwanted dust migration into sensitive or live environments

Product Details

The DustMaster® Pro has been designed to virtually eliminate dust migration. Simply position the DustMaster® Pro outside of the sealed work area, and run the ducting and capture hood to where the dust is being produced; when the unit is switched on it will achieve an airflow of up to 2500 m3/ph (when used with 3 stages of filter media), thereby creating a negative pressure environment, and ensuring zero dust migration outside of the work zone.

The unit is supplied with a 600mm x 600mm galvanised capture hood which, via ducting, is connected to a robust plastic moulded filter unit. Three stages of filter media sit within the plastic body, alongside a high performance mixed flow fan. The initial filter is a grade EU4 washable filter and normally would be included as part of the kit hire price, but you can also select an EU7 filter, HEPA filter or Carbon filter as optional extras. The unit is 100% sealed to ensure zero dust migration, making it ideal for use in sensitive or 'live' environments, however it is also popular on construction sites.

The Ultimate Solution for Dust Control

Our R&D team have worked hard to ensure this is our most efficient unit to date; the integral fan has been upgraded to a high-performance mixed-flow fan, improving pressure development and delivering 30% more airflow. Furthermore, the body has been upgraded with a 100% relaible seal to ensure zero dust migration and zero pressure loss. The DustMaster® Pro can now achieve an airflow of up to 2500 m3/ph when used with 3 stages of filter media and a 3m length of ducting in a normal site environment. Other products on the market might list their airflow without these factors taken into consideration, therefore for comparison purposes, this unit can achieve 3800m3/ph without filter media or ducting. The DustMaster® Pro has a Registered Design and International Patent Pending.

Capture, Contain and Control Dust Effectively

This unit can be used in combination with Dustex® containment systems, including; Dustex® Pop-up tent, Dustex® Air-Lock, Dustex® Dust Trap and Dustex® Dust Props. When the work area is properly contained, the DustMaster® Pro can be used to create negative pressure; this will ensure that dust is captured, contained and controlled effectively. You might also be interested in our Differential Pressure Gauge.

Looking for a complete solution?

Team the DustMaster® Pro with the Soundex® Cutting Enclosure to create a stand alone cutting zone. The Cutting enclosure features a vent, which enables you to extract dust while you work, and also ensure that you are protecting those living and working nearby from excessive noise. This is the perfect solution for construction sites!

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Key Product Features

  • Creates a negative pressure environment to stop dust migration
  • High performance mixed flow fan, achieving 2500m3/ph air flow
  • 100% sealed unit avoids any dust migration
  • Captures dust at source and reduces cross contamination
  • Contains 3 stages of filter media
  • Can be used with H13 & H14 HEPA filters
  • An Audible warning when filters are full
  • This new unit's noise level at 1m has now been reduced to 70dB
  • Moulded plastic casing improves durability and removes any sharp edges
  • Mobile design makes it easy to move around site
  • 600mm capture hood makes it easy to capture dust at source

Key applications

  • Extract and filter dust from sensitive environments.
  • Ideal for hospitals, clinics, surgeries, food manufacturing and laboratory environments.
  • Extract dust from drilling, cutting, sawing, wall chasing, stone cutting, concrete breaking and more.
  • Ideal for silica dust extraction.
  • Ideal for protecting against aspergillus spores.
  • Ideal engineering control to protect construction workers from airborne dust
  • Can be used in combination with RVT's Dustex® or Soundex® enclosures

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