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Dust Equipment
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DUSTEX® DustMaster

The innovative DUSTMASTER®is a self contained mobile dust filtration unit designed to capture and filter dust from a wide range of tasks and applications found on construction sites.

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Dustex Dust Master
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Cost effective

Our unique washable filters help to save you money

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Reduces Dust Migration

This powerful unit is capable of creating a negative pressure in order to reduce dust migration

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High Performance Mobile Unit

This portable unit delivers up to 3500 m3/hr of free air, ensuring that the air quality is continuously at a safe level

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HEPA Filtration

Providing a safe working environment by removing 99.9% of air polutants

Product Details

Designed to withstand the toughest of applications the unit is made of rustproof heavy duty galvanised steel and incorporates the powerful and robust RAVEXTM axial fan which can deliver up to 3500 m3/hr of free air. Because of this extreme power the unit can successfully capture dust and filter the air through three stages of filter media without losing its effectiveness. The unit comes complete with casters for ease of mobility and has a detachable lid to enable filters to be cleaned, checked and or changed when necessary. The DUSTMASTER®can incorporate up to three stages of filter media making it suitable for the most sensitive of applications. The initial filter is a grade EU4 washable filter and normally would be included as part of the kit hire price. Because of this unique washable feature it not only saves you the cost of replacing filters but also ensures the fine sensitive filters do not clog up too quickly with the large amounts of sticky and abrasive dust normally associated with construction site activities. Additional filters, which are purchase items only include the EU7 fine pocket bag filter which should be used if the air is to be returned into the work area and the H13 HEPA rigid filter which should be utilised if the workplace is in ultra sensitive environments such as hospitals and retail stores. The unit has a 300mm spigot on one end to connect to flexible ducting and, a 600mm x 600mm galvanised capture hood. This is especially advantageous if the dust being produced is from a localised activity. The success of any dust extraction system is to ensure the dust is being captured as close to the source as possible. Placing the DUSTMASTER®outside of the sealed work area, and running the ducting and capture hood to where the dust is being produced allows the system to produce a negative pressure scenario which prevents dust escaping into surrounding areas. Depending on how many filters are to be incorporated the DUSTMASTER®can be connected up to 24m of flexible 300mm ducting. The DUSTMASTER® mobile dust filtration unit can be used in conjunction with a range of dust containment systems including the ZIPWALL temporary dust barrier system, pop-up, modular and inflatable tents. Please ask the hire desk for more details.

Key Product Features

  • Unique washable filters help save money
  • Mobile and easily transportable
  • Ideal for sensitive environments
  • Can create negative pressures
  • Very powerful

Key applications

  • Office refurbishments
  • Hospital refurbishments
  • General demolition

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