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Dust Equipment
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Dustex D4

The Dustex D4 is a high-pressure extraction system, designed to cope with high volumes of dust

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Certified For Hazardous Dust Types

Suitable for any fine filtration and hazardous dust types

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Flexible & Convenient

This feature rich product is compact, mobile, and has an adjustable arm for local dust capture

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Extraction and Filtration

Extracting dust at source and capturing the particles in our high quality filtration system

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Bespoke Capture Hoods

Different capture hoods available to suit specific applications

Product Details

It has an automatic pulse-jet cleaning system ensures the filters remain clear of dust, allowing it to continue operating at peak performance levels and eliminating the need to continually change filters.

Dust is pushed down into the collection bin for convenient disposal.

In-built monitors will also trigger alarms if it detects that the system has become blocked.

This makes it suitable for a range of dust control tasks, particularly for fabrication settings where large volumes of dust can be created regularly, from processes such as metal and masonry work.

It has a high-pressure performance makes it suitable for extracting via long ducting lengths where necessary. Bespoke capture hoods can be provided to suit specific applications.

Key Product Features

  • Mobile extraction and filtration unit 3,250m3/h airflow
  • HEPA filtration
  • ATEX Zone 22
  • 415V 16A

Key applications

  • Masonry Dust
  • Welding fumes
  • Wood dust
  • Fibreglass dust
  • Metal dust
  • (Non-conductive) explosive dusts


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Dustex D4
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