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Dust Equipment
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DUSTEX® Air-lock

Designed to create an isolation airlock between a building site and surrounding sensitive environments and is especially for use when a negative pressure cannot be achieved within the work area due to the work site being landlocked.

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Dustex Air Lock
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Prevents Contamination

Create an isolation airlock between building work and surrounding sensitive environments

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Quick & Easy To Install

The unit can be secured using the convenient eyelets, or tapped into position to create a complete seal

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Flame Resistant

Idependently tested and verified by Bureau Veritas; keeping your workers safe on site

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Perfect Size

This 2m x 1.5m unit has been designed to fit perfectly into hospital corridors and other similar environments

Product Details

It can be used with the Raptor Dust Filtration Unit complete with HEPA filter to create a positive pressure within the tent to ensure there is no risk of dust migration from the work site into surrounding areas.

Key Product Features

  • Partially translucent
  • Fully retardant
  • Quick to install
  • Covers can be easily taped to adjacent walls to create complete seal.
  • Edges comes with Eyelets to allow covers to be fixed to adjacent walls by battens to increase stability if require
  • 2m wide x 1.5m deep and 2m high

Key applications

  • Hospitals
  • Retail developments

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DUSTEX® Air-lock Photos

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