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DUSTEX® Attix 30-OH

If you are working with H Class Hazardous Dust, you will find the perfect wet & dry solution here. The ATTIX 30-OH is a small machine with big performance and high mobility.

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Wet & Dry Solution

Certified to extract class H hazardous dust types (not suitable for asbestos)

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User Friendly

Designed to make your life easier, with; softstart, anti-static, motor speed control and automatic On/Off electric tools.

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Portable & Durable

The container features steel castors and a robust bumper for ease of use on site

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Reduced Downtime

The container can be filled without filter maintenance even in the most demanding applications

Product Details

The Dustex 30-0H is a light but rugged H Class vacuum for site cleaning and on-tool extraction. Whilst it can be used as an on-tool extractor, it does not have on-tool power take-off.
The vacuum incorporates a semi-automatic cleaning system, triggered by hitting a button on the machine during operation. This uses a pulse of air to clean the dust from the dirty side of the filter, preventing it from clogging up whilst in use. The correct airflow for each task is set by selecting the appropriate dial setting.
An audible & visual alarm will indicate when the wrong setting has been selected, the filter is full, or the hose is blocked. Dust is collected in bags within a 70ltr hopper. When vacuuming liquids, either a plastic bag or no bag should be used

Key Product Features

  • H class filtration
  • Wet & dry vacuuming
  • Semi-automatic filter cleaning Use for on-tool extraction Anti-static
  • 110v 16a

Key applications

  • Construction dust
  • Hazardous dust
  • Wet dust & liquids

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